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Throwback Vibes – Wrestling Society X “The Complete First (and Last) Season”

In 2007 MTV financed a pro wrestling show that was supposed to change the way fans watched wrestling. A season later, and the project was forgotten. Except we at TDS never forget.

This month on Throwback Vibes, myself, Faraaz, and the Oreo Monster hop in our kayfabulous way-back machine and journey to the archaic days of 2007, when wrestling was on MTV and competing with the WWE’s ECW reboot. Cramming 10 hours’ worth of content into an hour podcast was possibly the hardest thing we’ve ever had to do, but by God we did it!

Despite having perhaps the deepest talent pool in all of wrestling with talents like Masato Yoshino and Genki Horiguchi from Dragongate, Tyler Black and Jimmy Jacobs, Teddy Hart and MDogg Matt Cross, Jack Evans, Matt Sydal, XPac, and Vampiro, WSX was doomed to fail from the start. Out-of-touch MTV executives forced pro wrestling to become something it wasn’t, with the introduction of big, fake explosions, electrocutions, even a piranha death match. MTV wanted to make wrestling hip. Instead, the upstart company with major funding and a major platform became a joke in the wrestling industry.

Join us as we dissect these precious few months from 2007, and look at this company’s impact on modern pro wrestling. Relive the days of WSX for yourself. The DVD is available for under $15 on Amazon. Click here to buy.

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