SummerSlam '92

Throwback Vibes – SummerSlam 1992

In 1992, 80,000 screaming fans packed London’s historic Wembley Stadium for SummerSlam, marking the first and last time SummerSlam would be held outside North America. The roaring crowd marked the highest attendance ever for a wrestling show at that point, but in an ironic twist, the WWF’s own folklore forbade them from saying so. In 1987, the WWF announced its attendance at the Pontiac Silverdome for Wrestlemania 3 as around 93,000, a grossly exaggerated number, even for pro wrestling. In reality, the number clocked in somewhere around 78,000, meaning the Wembley number five years later was a legitimate record not just for WWF, but for the entire pro wrestling genre. But the WWF stuck to their guns, and if you ask any casual wrestling fan or dedicated WWE employee, they’ll be sure to let you know Wembley marked the second largest attendance of all time. But London knows the truth.

All anecdotes aside, SummerSlam ’92 brought with it a ton of talking points, most of which even more fun to look at 21 years later. This was the WWF’s first ever pay-per-view event without wrestling megastar Hulk Hogan. The WWF was in the midst of a controversial and damaging steroid investigation. And, of course, the United Kingdom’s favorite son challenged the Excellence of Execution for the then prestigious Intercontinental Championship in the main event.

This month on Throwback Vibes we look at this classic from all angles, breaking down the matches, diving into the politics at the time, and getting a good feel for infamous early 90s WWF. Then we welcome Fighting Spirit Magazine writer and author John Lister to cover the buildup to this extraordinary date in U.K. wrestling history, including the cancelation of the popular World of Sport program, the WWF’s rise to prominence through Sky Television, and so much more. We highly recommend John’s tremendous books Turning the Tables: The Story of Extreme Championship Wrestling, Slamthology, and his Kindle exclusive for fans interested in U.K. wrestling Greetings Grapple Fans.

This is a great, long show for fans interested in classic wrestling. Tune in! And tell us what you thought on Twitter. Faraaz is at @ThaWisp. The Oreo Monster is at @Monkeypusher69. Find me at @DesDelgadillo.

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